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Monday, 18 April 2011

Assignment 3

Hazlin Bt Yacub, 126503.
Nur Ellis Hazleyn Bt Sezali, 126173.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Product Differentiation & Perceptual Map


Choose a type of product, list down the brands of the same product in the same market, choose the product differentiation and prepare a perceptual map.

Answer : 

                                                                       Perceptual Map

Hazlin Yacub 126503,
Nur Ellis Hazleyn Sezali 126173

Friday, 18 March 2011

Product I can't live without with

The product that i always use is a shampoo. Before this, i use the Sunsilk brand product. But, over time my hair became itchy and easily damaged it because not suit with my hair. Now i use Dove Hair Care because i wanted to try another brand to suit my hair. When i started to use it, i realized that Dove brand is very suitable for settle my damaged hair problem. It also makes my hair soft and smooth.
Bad experience : This incident occurred in the last three years where I was first active in the dance. I do not wear headscarves. So, my hair had to tie up and spray with hair spray. After the incident, my hair became very damaged and cause the hair to swell and even branched. I always do hair dyes, highlights, perm and many straightens and it became more damaged. Because of that, I started looking for suitable products to improve my hair and finally I discovered the brand Dove for settle my problems. 

                                                                  Dove's Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo

Nur Ellis Hazleyn Sezali, 126173

Product I can't live without with.

Product I can't live without with is my Compact Powder, ZA Skin Beauty Two Way Compact Foundation.A powdery foundation formulated with hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the skin, naturally covers unevenness and create beautiful clear skin. I've been using it since I was in secondary school until today. I can't live without my compact powder because I have no confidence at all if didn't wear it even I want to go out from my house for a while. It is because I have a bad skin problems :'(   oily face, pimples and scars, ( God, ugly Betty more cuter than me even I don't wear any braces or nerd spectacles). With this compact powder it helps me a lot to gain some confident if I want to go out from my house or go to class, I don't have to wear thick make up on my face because it blend well into my skin (Yeay!) and no more worries about that .
Bad experience : this happen was like 2 years ago when I go hang out with my girlfriends, I forgot to bring my compact powder together with me, it was like I spent whole day together with my friends because I have a bad skin problem which is greasy fast interface makes my face look like a freak. While my friends and  I busy chit chatting at the coffee house I've got some poison pen letter some stranger ( which I don't know who  was it until today) with the message :
          *Go do some make over with your face or do some facial or whatever! It looks terrible and like an alien honey!*
I was totally shocked and feel bad about it *so pathetic*.Starting from that day, I be more aware about my face appearance even I want to go jogging I will put on some powder on my face because I'm too scared that bad experience will come again. It really drives me crazy.
                                           ZA Skin Beauty Two Way Compact Foundation
                                       ZA Skin Beauty Two Way Compact Foundation in shade#

Hazlin Yacub, 126503.